SAWA CLEAN - Automatic Metal Stencil Cleaner

| SC-ML736 |
  • Compaq
    Perfect solution for the dead-space of your factory!
    • Space-saving! (Installation area: 36% reduced)
    • Low height! (Equipment Volume: 50% reduced)
  • Efficient
    Solvent consumption significantly reduced!
    • Cleaning compartment 30% less than before!
    • Solvent consumption 30% less than before!
  • Safe and Clear
    Easy design focusing on safety and simplicity!
    • Isolated piping and writing system
    • Air purged control box
    • Air driving operation inside equipment
    • Sizable obvervation window in front
    • Viewable solvent level gauge underneath
  • Convenient and Enriched
    User friendly design with operation!
    • One touch operation from cleaning to drying
    • Real-time display on Touch Panel
    • slide-out solvent tank tray underneath
    • Easy Maintenance