For VOC-Free Spray Fluxer

| TAF40-12F | TAF40-15PF |

| TAF40-15PF |
  • Painting efficiency has been improved as compared with conventional units.
  • Painting efficiency has been further improved with the "edge off" function.
    (Conventional units approximately 50% R Approximately 82%).
  • Maintenance frequency has been reduced to about 1/3 of the conventional units, due to the decrease in splash in conventional units, approximately 50%, reduced to about 18%.
  • A variety of ideas for the reduction of running costs (preheater efficiency. sheet filter, blower efficiency, etc.).
  • The nozzle reciprocation speed is automatically determined depending on the transfer speed and width of the circuit board.
  • The nozzles and inside of pipes are automatically cleaned at the finish of operation. At the start of operation, flux is automatically supplied to the nozzles to allow for immediate production operation (automatic finish, automatic start up).